Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Liver cake

Cut and mince liver into the bowl. Cut and mince onions there. Break eggs into the bowl. Add wheat flour, salt and pepper. Mix everything thoroughly. Pour oil into fry pan and heat it. Take a ladle and pour the mass into the fry pan to have the crust of about 1 centimeter. When the crust is fried from one side turn it to fry another. Go on until you have the liver mass. 4 crusts is optimal number. Cut and fry onions.

When the crusts and fried onions are ready, smear one crust over with mayonnaise and cover with fried onions, and then cover it with another crust, and so on. Smear the top crust with mayonnaise and cover with fried onions as well. Put the cake aside for several 5-10 hours.

600-700 g of liver
7-8 onions
4 eggs
100-150 g of wheat flour
200 g of oil
200 g of mayonnaise

Have a meal in Ukraine!

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